Are you ready to look better?
Are you ready to have more energy?
Are you ready to be stronger and more confident?
Are you ready to dig deeper?
Are you ready to achieve your best self?

There is a Fit Mom inside of you.
You better bring her!

WHY NJ Fit Mom?

Because NJ Fit Mom is the only fitness organization in NJ run by—and specifically designed for—moms. That means:

We know firsthand that women often take care of themselves last.
We know the (really convincing) excuses you have for not getting fit.
We know you need something local, affordable, and child friendly.
We know you want results AND to have fun while getting them!

Your body works hard for you and everyone else. Take care of it! No, this won’t be easy, but you deserve to be strong and fit. Stop making excuses and start creating your best self ever. If you are ready, NJ Fit Mom is here to help you because moms need all the strength they can get!

Mission Statement

NJ Fit Mom is a homegrown mom business dedicated to helping local women look and feel great through fitness and a healthy lifestyle. We inspire women of all ages, shapes, and sizes to be the best they can be. We strive to have the best training program for your time and money and will continuously educate ourselves in areas of health, fitness & nutrition. We promote an atmosphere of support, encouragement, and community that allows moms to reach and surpass their goals while having fun!


Guiding Principles

• We believe all moms should have quality fitness available to them whether they have their kids with them or not.
• We know firsthand that moms spend a ton of time taking care of everybody else and taking (making) the time to take care of mom will better their quality of life!
• We believe fitness brings much more than a smaller waist line and skinny jeans. It improves and changes lives through increased energy, higher self esteem, elevated mood, better sleep and overall wellness.
• We believe moms that take care of their bodies and minds through exercise not only improve their personal selves but also become better mothers, partners and friends.
• Fitness empowers!

• Boot Camp for Moms
• Supervised play dates at the park
• Personal training
• Small group training
• Mother Runners
• Elite training
• Moms night out

ACTIVE's Personal Trainer of the Month for February 2016.

5 Health Tips From Personal Trainer Jessica Griffin


NJ Fit Kids is in full swing!


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for Women’s Wellness of New Jersey


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“...Some of my pants are even falling down. Yippie!!” - TD

“You push me harder than I would push myself on my own and I love it!! Working out with other women is so motivating...and best of all I see changes in my body after only 3 weeks!!” - AT

“There's no excuse not to exercise when you can take the kids with you. When you know they're getting to play at the park, you feel like it's time well spent for you and the kids.” - LR

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