I am a mom of three, wife, daughter, sister, friend. I love fitness. I love wine. I love chocolate. I love my family. Not in that order. :)

At 14, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease. I endured years of hospitalizations, weight gain and nasty medicines with no real improvement. I became fed up and determined to stop living as a victim of my disease and slave to its medications. I found exercise and nutrition made a HUGE difference. I could better control my symptoms, weight, and even my mood through lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise became a way of living instead of a passing fad or a means to an end. As a mom, the right food and exercise got me through the loooong sleepless nights, the emotions of new motherhood and allowed me to quickly return to my pre pregnancy body.

I became a self - taught expert on all things wellness and shared my knowledge with my mom friends and co-workers, whether they wanted it or not! It wasn’t until I lost my dad to cancer that I committed to coaching people towards wellness professionally. I felt pulled to do something that would help people take care of their bodies and minds. The reminder that we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, (or a retirement in my dad’s case) was the impetus to live my own life with more purpose and pursue a career that I was passionate about.

I made the leap, left my day job and created NJ Fit Mom! Life is short. I loved fitness. I loved nutrition. I loved telling people what to do. I loved being a mom. It was perfect! I knew I had the knowledge and energy to motivate other women to be fitter, healthier, stronger. YES! I knew that helping women take care of their bodies and minds would help them take care of their families and those who need them most.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. I have specialty certifications in CrossFit and perinatal fitness. I have the privilege of helping women change their bodies and their lives through one on one and group coaching. I witness women every day gain strength, energy, confidence and more through small changes and support. I have the best job in the world!


Jessica Griffin, MA, CPT, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer, Perinatal Certification #mompowered